Bethany Lutheran Preschool is part of the Pacific Southwest District of National Lutheran Schools.  The preschool is Christ-centered with the goal to develop your child's potential cognitively, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially.   As we strive for this goals, we are always mindful, that you, as the parent or guardian, are your child's first teacher.  This is why we highly value our relationships with our parents.

We believe each child is valued and special in the eyes of God, and therefore cherished, valued, and loved.   Children benefit from small class sizes and personalized attention.  Teachers assist parents in the social, emotional, educational and spiritual growth of their children.  

The ultimate goal of Bethany Lutheran Preschool is to adequately prepare your children for kindergarten and set a foundation for future education.  Students will enhance and refine fine motor skills while learning problem solving skills to expand logical thinking.  Teaching cooperation, working and playing with others, and developing empathy is an intentional focus of the play-based program.   

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